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we finally got around to shooting our car a little.  after some time in the shop modifying the interior components a bit, as well as some basic exterior touch up, we decided that it would be fun to attempt some rolling shots and still snaps of our whip.  forgot how much fun it is to drive her…

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mini steez

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well, we wanted to compile some pics of mini-steez on this christmas day.  it is not often that you see a nice mini, let alone a slammed mini.  happy face time 🙂

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well, flossy made it out to HIN in LA at the covention center on the 3rd, and it was a great outing!  we ended up meeting great people, mingled with some other vendors (who were all chill), and saw some amazing whips.  we also showed off some of our newest steez (the elton, the snowball, etc), and gave away some free air freshies!  be sure to make it out to the next round of shows, which we will keep updated on our facebook page and website 🙂  thank you all for the support!

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if you have not been to Mexico, let us paint a picture for you: “you will drive, and drive, and drive on dirt roads, and never see a car even remotely close to this”.  with that said, this is the exception to the statement.  this whip could quite possibly be the cleanest Lotus Exige S builds we have seen.  this 06 Exige, hailing from Mexico, has had some work done to say the least.  everything has been tastefully looked over and adjusted on this majestic handle-machine.  the turn-signals have been shaved, the headlight housings paint-matched, and even the stance is on point.  the owner, Jorge, has put “mucho dinero”  into the custom fiberglass bodywork, in addition to the 360 rear diffuser, and GT3 Racing Mirrors.  of course, the horses were thought of in this build, and Jorge put about 300 and change into the supercharged 4-cylinder engine.  next time you are down in Mexico, look around to see if someone like Jorge is living “la vida bueno”.

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Contrasting a Scion TC

•September 27, 2011 • 1 Comment

for every trial and error, there is a moment of realization.  in this TC’s case, a set of blue volk te37’s contrasting a white exterior, might make most have a double-take while passing by.  upon further investigation, one will find that this TC had it’s flossyness all together…

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Genius Genesis

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hyundai got it right with the genesis coupe.  say what you will about hyudai’s previous vechicle assortment, but the genesis coupe rivals some of the best automotive successes since the first unveiling of the 350z.  this rwhp beast boasts 306hp out of the box, and is easily (and in flossy’s opinion, cheaply) modified to 450+ with the proper bolt-ons.  whats even more interesting about this car, is the transmission options for relatively reasonable prices.  the options for this whip include 6 speed maual to “shifttronic” shifting for both the 2.0 turbo and even v6 options.  well, enough with the words, here are some modified pics of flossy genesis coupes done well:

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•August 8, 2011 • 1 Comment

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flossy was fortunate enough to travel to Anaheim Convention Center to snap some snaps, talk to kewl peeps, and spread the word on the street about our flossy knobs!  we saw some amazing whips (props to those who exhibited), and saw some amazing parts coming down the pipelines from major vendors.  coverage to follow, for now, here is a teaser 🙂